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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  February 22, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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might have won him the golf tournament at the 12th hole at the time. sergio. took the lead. alone. when he chipped it in for birdie. folks -- nick: that's a long way from the clubhouse isn't it jim: he would bogey three of the last six including the final two holes to end up one shot out of the playoff. jim: that looks like a first round leaderboard when you look eat numbers how many players are at six five, a couple more at four. keegan bradley late rally eagle at the 17th. now you look at him. his case, had he found a way to birdie the 18th he could have been in the playoff. spieth and garcia make five at the 72nd hold to -- hole to finish one too high.
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blaine barber with the round of the day. the former auburn tiger. palmer cup player. who is showing some good signs here early in the season. nick watney and that group tide for 22nd. cabrera went high today with 76. jimmy walker. who along with our gary mccord was honored earlier this week at bel air country club in the traditions dinner. and it will -- a salute to the game. by the way our head engineer, steve gorsach we're sending along best wishes to steve. recovering from hip replacement
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surgery in the last couple of days. and he's going to make it back to augusta. we wish him well in his recovery. umbrellas are out skying, again -- skies again, starting to open up here as we've got one group left on the course waiting to see if it will be a three-man playoff or if bae can make it a four-man battle. you can see bae hugging the edge of the fairway. he's going to be the first to play here, david. david: 204 yards he has left. jim: do you think he has an idea what he needs to do? david: he knows exactly scoreboard down by the last green. that's mark minister.
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>> uphill, 75, basically. 70 is six meters on the green. six meters on the green meeds to be right of the pin. because you're coming up. know what i'm saying? it's cold and wet. you don't have 10 meters of help at the moment. even though you have this wind. that's the right club. david: a little over 175 meters. a little over 200 yards. nick: does he have room to hit a draw? david: not really. nick: so he's got to hit a really good, solid fade down the left there. just block it to the right of the flag. guarantees to get across that left-hand corner. that's what stopped jordan
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spieth landed on that corner. it's like sponge. it traditionally stops there. david: he's going to hit this hard. he's got 6-iron. nick: still better get it 185 through the air uphill. david: missed the eucalyptus tree. nick: it's not enough. missed it by 10 yards. missed his landing spot by 10 yards. jim: let's go down to peter kostis who is with sergio. peter: i am with sergio garcia. yesterday when we talked, you mentioned that you kind of held it together, you -- sevi like, you managed to post a number but didn't strike it well. today it seemed everything was going your way until we made the turn back into the brees and especially the last couple of holes. >> i wouldn't say it was quite like that, peter. one thing -- i thought it was under the conditions and the way
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i played, the way i felt all week i thought it was a good effort to have a chance. i'm not going to lie to myself. i've always been truthful to myself. i didn't deserve to win this week. it's as simple as that. it caught up with me on the last six or seven holes. but i didn't play well at all this week. it was already a good effort for me to have a chance and unfortunately it's never nice to finish bogey-bogey, to get just outside the playoff. i can't really be disappointed because i didn't play well enough. peter: what's it going to take, what will you learn from this effort to move forward? >> i just need to play better, it's as simple as that. i saw a lot of good things this week. you know, like i'm saying the way i felt. i didn't feel comfortable at all in pretty much any shots. so to be able to have a chance, the way i felt out there on the course, i thought it was good. and it was a good learning experience. i just got to learn from it and
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i just hopefully get a little confidence and get better. peter: coming into your first tournament in america obviously not winning is a disappointment but coming as close as you did has to bode well for the future when you do find your golf game. >> i hope so. otherwise it's going to be a long year. peter: i doubt that. >> i didn't drive the ball well, i chip and putted quite well other than a couple of holes but you know, i think that hopefully i'll be able to work a little -- the little issues i have right now with my swing and if i manage to get that started we should be ok. peter: thanks for your time. jim: all right peter. that's as honest an assessment as you'll ever here. usually a great driver of the golf ball. garcia one shot out of a playoff as you see dustin johnson
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getting ready for it. nick: dustin has to feel good, if he can just replicate that one tee shot. david: casey looking for some golf balls. nick: he's doing the warmup. david: what did you make of sergio's take on his performance? nick: i thought sometimes it's good to keep your cards close to your chest even when you do your post-tournament interview. don't tell everybody about everything. but i think that the real bottom line he'll be very concerned that those last couple of driver swings went, he lost them left which is nerves because all week he'd been losing them to the right system of that was the under pressure swing. he completely overcompensated system of that's where i think he's going to be honest with himself, that's what i'd be saying to myself, wow what happened to those last two
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swings? under real pressure when i really wanted it. jim: sang-moon bae needs to chip in at 18. david feherty we've already watched sergio from down in that area. david: yeah. and nick, i'm not sure you're not better just putting it on the ground immediately here with the putter. you've got to get it there and get it on line, it's just as easy with that. nick: i agree. if i was the caddy i'd keep my hands on the wedges when he grabs a wedge. david: that's a sand wedge. nick: i don't like this shot. david: it's hard to get it to the hole. nick: if you mis-hit it a fraction you put more spin on it. this is the perfect shot when you just want to take that and play off your right toe. that's better. that's better. david: this is 8-iron. nick: the two degree 8-iron. we're happy with this one.
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especially under pressure. misthat a fraction, that's what sergio did took a wedge mis-hit it and came up 20 feet short. you've just got to believe -- he's trying to hole it. what are we talking about. pick a line. this is your one shot wonder at the end of the day. jim: a wonderful shot but never threatened the hole. so that's going to be a three-man playoff dustin johnson paul casey and james hahn. still waiting to see hahn make an appearance there we go. he's not going with the full swings he's just behind the tower hoon on the practice putting green.
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nick: you definitely need a couple driver swings. if you hit a decent drive you set yourself up on the hole. casey must be concerned. he must have nicked something at the 18, only went about 240 yards into the gum trees on the right. jim: here's delaet to get to five under. of nick: had a bad run at the start, doubled number two bogeyed three and from then on, nothing was happening. jim: did well to get back into it. been able to find a birdie at 18. could have made this last hole very interesting.
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getting a few driver swings in. nick: had a beautiful one on 18. jim: here's goosen, to end a very disappointing day. this for birdie. get in there. jim: back surgery back in august of 2013. in his words it gave him a second life. he could barely walk he felt he was almost unable to even play. this is the start of the second act for him. disappointing final round but a last hole birdie. moves him into the top 10. i think d.j. played the tee shot
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and now what he thinks might be the second shot. nick: good thinking. keep the visualization going. jim: that's his brother austin caddying for him now. this for par. this for a share of fourth. nasty lip out. nick: look at it, it's further away. this is quite simply a great golf course. we come in, apart from this afternoon when conditions are pretty harsh. min million wind but it went rock hard and they've enjoyed it i think bottom line. it's a head banger but they've enjoyed it. enjoyed the challenge. jim: it is a big boys' course,
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david. bae comes to 18 needing bird yow to get into a playoff and now all of a sudden he's got this putt to finish inside the top 10. otherwise he's outside. nick: wouldn't like this one. jim: there you go. he's already had a win this subpoena. the tour begins the season in october. up at -- this season. the tour begins the season in october. in napa, he won the first official event of the new pga tour year. also has a fifth over in asia on a tour event. sixth over also. he's becoming a regular on the first page of the leaderboard. delaet final hole four for him
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for 73. so they'll get the three combatants in position now heading back to the 18th tee. dustin johnson paul casey and james hahn.
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jim: one of the best finishing holes in golf, the 18th at riviera, now it's the first playoff hole and should it extend beyond this point, they'll go to the 10th. that diabolical little par 46789 there's rick waddell from northern trust. >> rick is going to assist us here chairman and c.e.o. of northern trust. we're going to play 18, 10, 14, and 18 in the playoff. paul you finished first you draw. then dustin you draw, then james you draw. paul.
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two, one dustin you'll lead off. jim: no need to go to the -- need to go to the hat, james. >> all right gentlemen. jim: the biggest hitter in the bunch will go first. the 21st ranked player in the world. already with eight career wins. david: he doesn't dislike it. norte he should. nick: kind of sets the standard.
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jim: it does. next will be casey. he's not in the masters. a win here would send him to augusta. he's 85th in the world. peter: his immediate goal, get inside the top 50, qualify for the championships and augusta. jim: another good one. nick: hi likes it. ian: gouff yacht a -- you've got a blind tee shot here. some 50 feet up a rise. you have to carve that second shot. here's james, we never saw him warm up on the range.
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mercedes-benz financial services. jim: here's your lineup tonight on america's number one network. remembering bob simon, "60 minutes presents," and then "act of valor" only on cbs. here's how they played the 18 in the regulation. casey had this for par. after driving it right off the tee. so he suffered a bogey. hahn played this third shot coming here at six under par. to save par.
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and dustin johnson would have won it. beautiful putt. they broke hard left at the last second. peter kostis and david feherty both back in the fairway. day james will be the first to play. he's got 220. pretty -- david: james will be the first to to the play. he's got 220. pretty good lie. terrible angle however. jim: how about this. the start today there was a bunched leaderboard. two of them came from four back. casey was five behind.
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>> just go a couple paces right of it. david: keep it on the right edge of the green i would take that. if it doesn't carry doesn't make the left corner, we sound like broken records this week. peter: you've got to play the percentages. wrong you're going to win with a birdie but losing with a bogey. david: this is the hole to get through and keep yourself in the playoff. somebody makes a crazy three, they well and truly won it. peter: this is a 3 yoirn. david: especially when you got 3-iron in your hand. david: appeared to get a little heavy in the lie. jim: they seldom will bounce up like that. nick: he's got no spin on it.
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that was nice a little bit of compensation. he knows it. that was a brutally tough shot. get up there jim: he's happy with this. nick: he's a good character isn't he. peter: paul casey will be next to play, he's got 193. not as good a lie as james hahn. going with a 6-iron. david: can you get the people off the corner? he's hitting over their heads. peter: he's got to take it to the left and cut it. david: he's got the arm strength to do that. peter: just skirts by the trees. this is on a wonderful line. david: get across there. that was a real kikuya bounce.
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jim: i wonder if this is the club we saw dustin johnson practicing with, on the practice range. did he guess accurately he'd have about 172? david: he has exactly 172 yeah. and i suspect this is 8-iron. peter: i think that's what he -- nick: i think that's what he hit last time. just aim and rip it. david: he's in a perfect spot. peter: he can aim a little right to the flag and hit a two-yard + draw. make sure it penetrates. david: that's what he's got. jim: he's leaning. nick: just needed to keep that shoulder going forward rather than underneath it, threw it up in the air lost the
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penetration. lost a good five or six yards of distance. jim: four or five feet closer than hahn. casey has the most complicated situation left. he's got a little third shot chip that's going to break hard right on him. david: my eyesight is going that was 9 which explains it. jim: 8 would have been nice. here's how they got here. this was at the fourth hole. hahn. nick: this is a serious hole, the fourth. one of the toughest. jim: casey at the 16th. he was playing well ahead of the last groups. people took notice at this point right here. that casey was going to be in
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the mix. at the 15th hole. dustin johnson. for birdie. see anything that looks like it's going to be birdie time here, you never know. nick: you never know. jim: could be headed over to the 10th. david: that would be poetic justice to go to the 10th hole and decide this. nick: more than likely it would be decided there. no idea what score. jim: paul casey has one of those lofted wedges here. he's liked this play today, this kikuya grass. peter: he needs to carry it -- carry it farther into the green.
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jim: it will break right on him. peter: he can carry it there. jim: right inside your circle. he's going to love that. slightly uphill. well played. considering the situation here and the nerves you have to be battling. casey with one win in america. that was in houston before the 2009 masters. as high as third in the world for his career. he's had a lot of injuries to overcome. his wife and his little boy lex they flew over to the u.k. earlier this week and are watching the broadcast over in london live. nick: it's midnight back in blighty. jim: hahn will be next.
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peter: this is one that obviously you'd like to make, no question about that, but you can't get too greedy and run it three or four feet by. you don't want that one coming back. jim: good putt. nick: really good. whoa tracking perfectly. jim: been an amazing journey for james hahn to get to this point. he can finish, put a four on the board. play golf at cal did not even play his last year the whole regimentation of college golf and trying to graduate, which he did, from berkeley graduated and wore a suit every day to work working in the advertising world. even sold shoes at a nordstrom
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store in the bay area, in 2010, he had about 300 bucks left in the savings account and gave golf another try. he's made it. dustin johnson has this for the win. ian: he walk -- david: he walked down there to look more at the wet than the line. jim: coverage is going to continue for those of you on the woast coast on cbs after completion of this hole and then the rest of the nation, be ready to switch over to golf channel. for the continuing live coverage. [captioning made possible by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.


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